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A University is wholly a corporation of higher studies which encourages higher studies and research in its institution or its constituent colleges. A University in general provides undergraduate and post-graduate higher education. The word “University” derived from Latin language – “universitas magistrorum et scholarium” which means a society of teachers and students. Since ancient times, Universities were wide-spread in various parts of the globe which offers having collective legal rights. In modern times, Universities has a tendency to offer coaching in non-vocational subjects and confer degrees to the scholars.

If we talk about India which was famous for having the most oldest Universities in the world – The Taxila University and the Nalanda University, this country too is not lagging behind in terms of higher education. India is known to be the second most populous country in the world after China. More population means more students and scholars and this ultimately led to the need of more Indian Universities to provide higher education to its students. In India, the higher education system involves both Central and State Universities. Central Universities were patronized by the Government of India while the State Universities were governed by the state government. The Universities of India are recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) which is controlled by University Grant Commission Act, 1956. In addition to this, 15 professional councils like NAAC, AIU, etc were established which helps to control different types of accreditation and coordination. Central Universities and State Universities are considered to be the institutes of national importance.

In India there are approximately 318 State Universities including the oldest Universities in the country like the University of Madras, Calcutta and Mumbai. Now there is an UGC Act of 12B, which states the Universities which were formed after 17th June 1972 will not receive any aid from the Central Government and UGC since they were already receiving funds from the State Government. In case of the formation of the Central Universities, these were formed by the act of the Parliament. There are 45 Central Universities in India and each of them are funded and maintained by the University Grants Commission.

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